Throwing shade on the Fed’s interest rate path

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Throwing Shade Opinion. Opinion. "The actual path of the (Fed’s key interest rate) will depend on what incoming data tell us about the economic outlook," Yellen said. In short, Powell is, and will continue to be, "more Yellen" when it comes to Fed interest rate policy. The Fed chair has changed, but interest rate policy has not.

Expectations run high that the Federal Reserve’s policy-setting panel will signal it is ready to lower its key policy interest rate, if not at this gathering. gdp growth this year was 1.9% to 2.2%,

Fed Still Standing Pat on Interest Rates. But new home sales dropped 6.8 percent month over month, and revisions to May’s sales figures knocked off 29,000 previously reported transactions. The country’s overall homeownership rate in the second quarter clocked in at just 63.4 percent – its lowest reading since the 1960s.

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday raised its benchmark interest rate and expanded its plans to hike rates in 2019 as officials respond to higher inflation and strength in the labor market.

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The Fed is widely expected to lift interest rates by another 25 basis points to a range of 2 to 2.25 per cent when it concludes its two-day meeting on Wednesday.. "He is likely to throw shade.

American policymakers have the chance this week to give clearer guidance on the future path of interest rates an A Close Eye on the Fed for the Path of Interest Rates | The Fiscal Times Skip to.

The only certainty is more uncertainty on which way rates will go. The debate over how far and fast the Fed may raise rates this year was kicked off by its move last month to raise the target range on overnight rates for the first time in nearly a decade. Now, projections from policy makers center on a forecast that they will further raise their target.

Throw Donald Trump into the mix. account in their predictions of the future path of interest rates, it was just one of many factors that lead a number of the central bank governors to predict that.