Supreme Court rules Graham Mills will not have to give ex-wife more money

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Court rules against increased divorce payments to ex-wife. The UK’s Supreme Court ruled that a businessman should not have to increase the amount of money he pays to his former wife, 16 years after their divorce, after she managed her finances poorly. Graham Mills, chairman of surveying company Technics Group,

The UK’s highest court has ruled that a surveyor will not have to give his ex-wife more money 15 years after their divorce simply because she spent all her original settlement.Graham Mills, 52.

The Supreme Court in June also signalled it was against increasing joint lives payments to former spouses when it ruled in favour of Graham Mills, who argued that he should not have to increase.

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Supreme Court rules in Mills v Mills: Enough is enough? by Lynne | Jul 19, 2018. The Supreme Court has ruled that a divorced husband should not have to increase payments to his ex-wife after she mismanaged her finances following their separation. The couple divorced in 2002 after a 15-year.

Supreme court rules graham mills will not have to pay long-term maintenance to ex-wife 18 July 2018 Today the Supreme Court ruled in favour of businessman Graham Mills to set aside an order increasing the maintenance payments to his ex-wife, former estate agent Maria Mills, following their divorce 16 years ago in 2002.