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There are many situations all across the country where tenants, who are fed up with their landlords not making repairs, threaten to withhold rent unless some action is taken. While threats like this may seem like a good idea to tenants, there is a lot to learn about withholding rent when repairs are needed.

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I am aware that many a tenant will demand a walkthrough with their landlord. Just because one is asked for – or even demanded – does not mean that the landlord must agree to it. Nothing is wrong with telling a tenant to drop off their keys at the office and then after are long gone checking out the condition of the apartment.

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A landlord may also br ing an action to evict a tenant if: (1) the tenant failed to pay any rent due after it has been demanded by t he landlord; (2) the tenant violated a material condition of the lease; or (3) the tenant failed to leave the leased premises in accordance with the lease. Self-help by a landlord is not permitted. A landlord may not

If the tenant does not contact him, the landlord can remove tenant ‘ s belongings from the premises and store them for not less than 30 days. If during this time the tenant does not recover his possessions, the landlord can sell or otherwise dispose of the property. He can apply sale proceeds to any unpaid rent, damages, and storage fees.

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The tenant has lived on the property for at least six consecutive months. The tenant has paid all rent owed. The tenant is not in violation of the lease. The tenant has provided written notice to the landlord of the problem and the tenant’s plan to fix it. The tenant has allowed at least 14 days for the landlord