Fighting poor nutrition among California seniors – with a food truck

Senior Nutrition Program Program Summary The Senior Nutrition Program is authorized by the Older Americans Act of 1965 and has provided meals to eligible seniors 60 years of age and older in Santa Clara County since 1974. The purpose of the pro-gram is to reduce hunger and food insecurity, increase socialization and promote the health and well.

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There are several benefits programs that can help low-income seniors and adults with disabilities pay for nutritious foods. You can see if you, a family member, or client is eligible for any of these programs using NCOA’s free online screening tool, BenefitsCheckUp. Supplemental Nutrition assistance program (snap)

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March is National Nutrition Month, but not everyone has access to healthy food. Older people are some of the hardest hit, with low-income seniors sometimes forced to choose between buying good food and paying for their medications or even their rent. Other seniors can suffer from malnutrition when they become isolated without family members to help out.Some low-income seniors must choose.

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View more Rural Hunger and Access to Healthy Food Gaining access to healthy and affordable food can be a challenge for rural residents. Many rural areas lack food retailers and are considered food deserts: areas with limited supplies of fresh, affordable foods.Ironically, some of these food deserts are in areas where farming is important to the local economy.

A Primer on the Restaurant Meals Program in California, Preventing Hunger Among the Elderly, Disabled & Homeless in the Golden State is a report that aims to improve the understanding and implementation of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program’s (SNAP) restaurant meals option.

They also represent a major underserved segment of the UC Cooperative Extension client population. The Make Food Safe for Seniors (MFSFS) initiative assessed food safety and nutrition education needs of fixed-income seniors and food handlers and caregivers serving seniors in 10 California counties.

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