Feds target arbitration clauses in banks’ fine print

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Most consumers don’t understand the arbitration clause, or even know it is buried in the fine print of their contract, he said. A minuscule number of customers take advantage of it. "They don’t make it easy to opt out," he said.

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"Wells Fargo is using the forced arbitration clauses it tucked away in the fine print of contracts customers signed when they opened legitimate accounts to block them from suing over the.

Arbitration clauses often hide in contracts’ fine print and require the parties to forfeit the right to go to court to resolve any dispute. Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution that takes place outside of the judicial system and renders binding decisions that often favor businesses, not consumers.

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Forced-arbitration clauses disproportionately affect low-wage workers. While the law that guides arbitration agreements is federal, local and state governments are starting to take action to.

Mandatory arbitration clauses are found in the fine print of tens of millions of financial products, from credit cards to checking accounts. Because consumers generally don’t carefully read the fine print on the agreements for their checking accounts and credit cards, they are often unaware they are subject to arbitration.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said financial firms should be barred from using fine print in contracts that mandates arbitration instead of a group. valid avenues to secure legal relief.

BankThink Arbitration Clauses Trap Consumers with Fine Print. Companies use arbitration clauses to insulate themselves from litigation by consumers and employees. These clauses typically take away constitutional rights such as suing in court and pursuing a trial by jury and other rights like participating in class actions,

Consumers could band together to sue their banks or credit card companies under a federal rule issued Monday that’s likely to face resistance from Congressional Republicans and the White House.

Congress rejects cfpb regulation Restricting Arbitration Clauses in Consumer Contracts October 25, 2017 by Megan McKisson UNITED STATES – On October 24, 2017, the Senate voted 51-50 to nullify a consumer financial protection bureau (cfpb) regulation that restricted banks and credit card companies from requiring customers to submit to.