Economists have warned us about Trump’s tax plan. Too bad Congress isn’t listening

A hung parliament could lead to a Greek-style financial crisis, business leaders and economists have warned. tax cuts. Neil Mackinnon, of VTB Capital, an investment group, said: We have a budget.

Trump’s Tax Plan Is Brilliant Politics and Even Better Economics. Under Trump’s plan, taxes on corporate profits go from 35% to 15%. They should be zero (like the Bahamas), but this is a good start. Taxes on capital gains go from 23.8% to 20%. Again, it should be zero (as with New Zealand), but it is a start.

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Donald Trump’s revised tax plan, compared against his initial proposal, would increase tax rates across all income levels. | AP Photo Economists revising Trump’s plan could make more people pay taxes

Trump’s Tax Plan is Brilliant Politics and Even Better Economics If you want jobs, rising wages, and economic growth, you have to stop the war on capital. Trump’s tax plan does just that.

One thing economists hate about Trump’s tax plan. Like other analysts, the UBS team thinks it’s possible Congress will cut the corporate tax rate from the current level of 35% to 25% or so-but not to 15%, as Trump wants. The Trump rally, it seems, has morphed into the Trump discount.

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THE FACTS: It isn’t. For months Trump has refused to recognize larger tax cuts in history, of which there have been many, or to grant that other presidents have enacted big tax cuts since Ronald.

It’s not about agenda. Trump’s plan has lots of things right-wing economists have asked for. The problem is that it bundles all of them in a manner that is impossible. Even right-wing economists have criticized the plan. You can’t cut taxes and increase spending. It’s just wishful thinking. It’s not like everything in Trump’s plan is bad.

Independent economists on why they aren’t buying Trump’s tax plan promise. The report suggests that the president will use the "$4,000 pay raise," as he called it in a speech in Pennsylvania last week, as the central argument for the plan. The plan is heavily supported by GOP leadership like house speaker paul ryan, R-Wis.,

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Trump’s Tax Plan Is Brilliant Politics and Even Better Economics. Too bad. This should change. But it is both economically stupid and morally unsound to attempt to balance the budget on the.