Title-pawn companies enjoy minimal oversight in Georgia. It could get worse for consumers

This wasn’t supposed to happen to me. You see, as a financial writer, when I cover a story about credit card fraud, it’s supposed to be in the third person – about what happened to some unfortunate victim, or about how laws help protect consumers, etc. It’s not supposed to be in the first person.

JAY CARNEY: “But already, because of the efforts underway at HHS and CMS, and the tech surge that they’ve launched, you’re seeing changes to the site that make it more clear to consumers about the variety of ways that they can get information about the health plans out there, shop around, if you will.

People call for accountability processes, oversight, and transparency. Researchers are going beyond the analysis of extant data and joining coalitions of watchdogs, archivists, open data activists and public interest attorneys to assure a more balanced set of raw materials’ for analysis, synthesis and critique.

An increase in the income threshold at which people are affected by the alternative minimum tax. The AMT was originally designed. when that chamber takes up the rescue bill again, which could.

r/Bitcoin – “My Bank In Denmark Just Offered Me A Negative Rate Of Interest To Borrow Money” "My Bank In Denmark Just Offered Me A Negative Rate Of Interest To Borrow Money". Authored by Alex Moneton via SovereignMan.com, Yesterday I called my bank in Denmark, Nordea, and couldn’t believe what they told me.

 · One would think that the new symbol is the bare minimum for informing consumers of the origins of their food, but the convolution goes deeper. In lieu of the symbol, companies are permitted to provide a Quick Response (QR) code. This is essentially a fancy barcode that you can scan on your smartphone that generates a website.

A new Pew poll finds historic levels of unhappiness about the federal government and its role in the lives of average Americans, unrest that is at the foundation of what is shaping up to be a strongly.

of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which could add nearly 35 million peo-ple to the ranks of the insured. Consumers Union of United States Inc., The Washington Post, May 30, 2011 A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse who has completed the necessary education to engage in primary health care decision making.

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Government’s cyber challenge: protecting sensitive data for the public good. Government’s cyber challenge: Protecting sensitive data for the public good. security firm McAfee estimates the global cost to companies and consumers at between $375 billion and $500 billion annually. 17 At.

ASX closes above 6500 in late rally SHARES staged a late rally today to finish higher and trim weekly losses on strong gains in Telstra, banks and miners. The S&P/ASX 200 capitalised on positive overseas leads to close up 30.8.More than 40 people and businesses compromised in Butte County identity theft case What Does It Cost to Raise a Child in America?