The Mystery of Credit Score Calculations

For those who aren’t sure: a FICO Score is the number that represents a borrower’s creditworthiness. It is based on the data within his or her credit report(s). That number, in turn, is used by 90% of top lenders to determine how much credit they’ll offer a borrower and at what interest rate.

The credit score calculation typically includes both how long your oldest and most recent accounts have been open. In general, creditors like to see that you’ve been able to properly handle credit accounts over a period of time. Public Records: ~10%.

A free tool to calculate the Average Age of Accounts (AAOA) in your credit report. aaoa calculator instructions: For each account in your credit report, including closed accounts but excluding collections and judgments, enter the month and year the account was opened.

5 Steps you can take today to figure out your real fico credit score.. many dark tunnels and great quests filled with mystery and suspense. with the bureaus to changed the FICO formulas, since they (none of them, the.

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Read more about how loans affect your credit score. There’s no mystery to it: A personal loan affects your credit score much like any other form of credit.. Balance transfers 101 credit card.

Just like there are multiple credit bureaus, there are multiple scoring models, but the two most common scoring models used to calculate credit scores are FICO Score and VantageScore. Created in 1956 by the Fair Isaac Corporation to measure consumer credit risk, FICO Score is the oldest credit scoring model.

If you have a mix of credit accounts that are "maxed out" or at their limit, that may impact credit scores. Type of credit used. Credit score calculations may also consider the different types of credit accounts you have, including revolving debt (such as credit cards) and installment loans (such as mortgages, home equity loans, auto loans, student loans and personal loans).

Hopeful Borrowers contact me thinking they already know their credit scores, based upon the "free" credit card company score they’ve received from one of these sources. All too often, those "free" credit scores do not represent anything close to the scores a Mortgage Lender will utilize during their mortgage application.

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