Report: Triangle home prices kept rising in April

Despite the dearth of homes on the market, existing-home sales are still expected to rise 3.5% in 2017. Home buyers might need to buckle up for this ride.

The Georgian Triangle real estate market just keeps climbing as sales records continue to be surpassed. In addition to being the biggest volume sales month ever, April was also the region’s 37 th consecutive record month. The regional market currently shows no signs of slowing, unless the listings shortage becomes so pronounced that the market is brought to a stasis.

The rise. to keep prices in check is about 6,500, the group has previously said. While the cost to own a home continues to rise, mortgage rates are down from a year ago and continue to slip lower..

 · The fuel price-tracking website predicts the cost of a gallon of fuel will rise by $0.19 per gallon in 2018, on average, to the highest level gas prices have been since 2014.

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 · Due to the shortage of supply, homes will be selling faster in the California housing market 2018. While homes also sold fast in 2017, with 25% of homes selling in two weeks or less during the buying season’s peak, it is expected that homes will even faster in the California housing market 2018.

Prices face initial resistance in the 0.6978-0.7021 area, which marks the former bottom of a bearish Descending Triangle pattern. Overcoming this barrier on a daily closing basis is needed to suggest.

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