RBA has extreme stimulus measures on standby

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In addition to lower rates, the RBA is talking quantitative easing (qe)-creating money to buy assets from banks, thus injecting money into the system-while prominent bankers and economists have called for extreme QE measures including government cash handouts to households, a.k.a. helicopter money.

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Beyond that, the rough consensus among respondents was that the RBA would be reluctant to push rates below 0.5 per cent, and would instead consider implementing more unorthodox measures. This would most likely be quantitative easing, or QE, a bond-buying program of the type pursued at various times since the GFC in other major economies and regions, such as the United States, England, Europe and Japan.

The risk-off’ push and subsequent bearish reaction to the FOMC rate decision we found in the previous session simply does not measure up to. that the market has backed off on its call for a 25 bp.

RBA deputy governor Guy Debelle has acknowledged that quantitative easing – RBA purchases of government bonds and securitised mortgages – is a policy option.

The RBA "has extreme stimulus measures on standby", wrote John Kehoe in the Australian Financial Review (AFR) on 11 June. In December 2018 RBA Deputy Governor Guy Debelle foreshadowed a series of rate cuts and suggested that "Quantitative easing is a policy option in Australia, should it be required".

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S&P 500 and AUDUSD On Pace for their Best Month on Recent Record Perceived Global Risk Drops Markedly. The Fed will not likely increase its stimulus program; but the reflection on Operation Twist.

Yet recent commentary from the Reserve Bank of Australia suggests it is still deeply worried about the local economic outlook. In a speech in New York, RBA Governor glenn stevens valiantly tried to talk the Australian dollar down again and suggested that the question of whether interest rates should be reduced further "has to be on the table".

So, if there were to be a significant risk of recession, the RBA does have the capacity to reduce rates further, even if that capacity is diminishing. The federal government also has, relative to most other developed economies, significant fiscal capacity if more conventional stimulus is required.

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