Protect yourself against rising rates

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Protect yourself against rising interest rates with zero-duration 10-Year government bond yields (1yr) Source: Robeco, Barclays Live – December 15, 2016. Zero-duration offers efficient credit exposure. Floating interest for fixed interest. The figure below shows the structure. Short-duration.

 · If you are concerned about rising rates, you should consider an investment with less interest rate sensitivity. But keep in mind: More interest rate sensitive bonds generally have higher yields, so moving to a shorter duration investment could result in less income. This is the cost of being less exposed to rising rates.

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Wake up, bond investors! Your nightmare about skyrocketing interest rates vanishes when viewed in the light of day. Rising rates aren’t exactly bullish news for bond investors, of course. A bond.

Protect yourself against rising electricity rates and never have to worry about sacrificing your comfort in order to afford your energy bill costs. There are many rewards for making the switch to solar including the protection against rate hikes. It is also a more rewarding way of getting the.

 · The three decade long bond bull market appears to be coming to an end as the Fed prepares to slow down its massive stimulus that kept the rates at artificially low levels in.

7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Rising Interest Rates in Canada. Today the Bank of Canada raised the interest rate that all banks base their Prime rate on (the Prime rate is used to calculate interest on lines of credit and variable rate mortgages).

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Protect Against rising rates small-balance commercial mortgages can help you diversify in 2017 By Michael Boggiano Michael Boggiano is national sales manager for Silver Hill Funding, a small-balance commercial mortgage lender offering nationwide financing from $250,000 to $2 million. Please visit for more information on

Use’s Travel Money Maximiser tool to compare rates if you’re taking cash – it’ll tell you where you can.

Protect Yourself From Rising Interest Rates. by Eileen Ambrose, AARP Bulletin, February 28, 2017 | Comments: 0. Istock. With interest rates on the rise, you need to closely monitor your accounts and loans. Rock-bottom interest rates for years have punished savers and rewarded borrowers. Now the.