Parkland parent says Wells Fargo’s conduct on guns and marijuana is dishonest

Parkland Parents Put Gun Control Rhetoric Aside. Unbeknownst to most, they are exemplifying refreshing levelheadedness in the face of tragedy.. That’s a difficult thing to say – much less swallow – but it needs to be said. Being in the spotlight rarely reaps anything beneficial.

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Guttenberg, angrier still with what he perceived as the bank’s hypocritical stance, emailed Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan asking him to reconsider their gun policy now that they waded into marijuana.

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Parkland parent says Wells Fargo’s conduct on guns and marijuana is dishonest Miami Herald 11:23 18-Jul-19

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Were Parkland families used or helped? Distrust grows over gun legislation. A surprise amendment, disappointed parents, growing public sentiment for gun control, and a divided Democratic caucus.

Wells Fargo says it will keep lending to gun industry ( Wells Fargo buying Wachovia, B of A buying Countrywide and Merrill Lynch) permalink;. Lets say you pull up to your personal bank and you need to conduct some business. Lets say your car has an NRA sticker on the back of.

Local Florida gun shop owner razi greidey refused to sell a gun to the Parkland School shooter because of his age, prior to the massacre. He joined Martha on. Skip navigation

Fred Guttenberg wasn’t happy with Wells Fargo’s decision to keep banking with the gun industry after the Parkland shooting, in which his daughter Jaime was one of the 17 people killed, but he.