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Maps of redlining from the 1930s and health outcomes today show the ongoing legacy of those practices and how they continue to affect low income communities of color today. The case studies in this year’s TCNY update showcase some of the creative ways that organizations can work towards achieving health equity and improving health outcomes.

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On Wednesday, Nardone presented research at the annual American Thoracic Society Conference that shows how segregation may be, in part, to blame for higher rates of asthma emergency room visits for residents in some neighborhoods in California. The research takes a deep dive into redlining, a particularly problematic part of urban history still with us today.

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A Legacy of Environmental Crime.. zip codes within and adjacent to South and South East Los Angeles have the highest rates of hospitalization and emergency department visits due to asthma for both adults and children.. (check out the T-Races project to find historical "redlining" maps of.

Segregation Has Left a Legacy of Asthma and Pollution in California Cities.. He and his team conducted the study using historic redlining maps available on the University of Richmond’s "Mapping Inequality. The results show asthma-related emergency room visits were higher in.

Maps of asthma emergencies show legacy of redlining. 0 10. Share.. "The persistence of the legacy of redlining, when it comes to its present impact on bronchial asthma well being care utilization, was putting," says John Balmes, director of the UC Berkeley-UC San Francisco Joint Medical.

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