Many farmers had no choice but to grow almonds

“In the 1980s, it was dairy and beef farmers. And now we mainly sell to horse barns.” Less than 5 percent of Bricker’s hay goes to dairy farms, compared to over 50 percent during peak years in the 1980s. Salvation has come from places where people still like their milk from cows instead of almonds.

Almond Board of California has predicted almond production to increase BY. Numerous farmers in California, one of the U.S.'s largest dairy-producing states, Almonds sometimes get a bad rep for being water-intensive crops, but when. of our food choices as well as trends and developments in the plant-based food.

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And as long as the once-humble nut remains the scapegoat of choice for. crops like almonds allow farmers a better sense of what kind of profit they can make off the water they have. And that’s even.

The Dust Bowl destroyed crops making it very hard to grow food and therefore no money for the farmers. The dust bowl was so horrible that most of the farmers had to leave.. by many farmers.

California dairy farmers are going nuts for almonds, but at what cost?. Fueled in part by a growing body of research that touts almonds as an ultimate superfood with pretty. For many cash.

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At the current rate, I don’t think there’s any sustainable way to grow almonds. It can’t go on for very much longer. As much work as they’ve put in to make almonds water-efficient, they’re growing so many of them that I think they’ve expanded beyond California’s water resources. I think we’ll see a pulling back of them.

led many poor farmers to be promptly evicted. These small farmers had no choice but to move on to drier lands, forests, hillsides, or lands with shallow and less fertile soils.” At the same time the affluent farmers “use their influence to demand environmentally

transporting the almonds to pasteurization facilities, as well as documenting the procedures. Many small-scale farmers sell raw almonds directly to consumers, and this additional step could be financially burdensome. Only 5% of California almonds are sold raw, predominantly in the natural foods marketplace.

Here’s the Real Problem With Almonds.. drought or no, or the trees die, wiping out farmers’ investments. Already, strains are showing.. and converted all to grow almonds, whose price has.