London house prices fall at fastest rate since 2009 crisis

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 · The decline in London house prices is accelerating with the property market dropping at its fastest rate in a decade at the start of the year, new figures reveal today. The average price of a London home fell 3.8 per cent to £455,594 in the three months to March compared with the same period in 2018, according to a survey from leading lender Nationwide.

House prices in London fell in May at their fastest rate for almost a decade, according to official figures. The Office for national statistics (ons) reported a 4.4% decline, on an annual basis.

House prices in London fell at the fastest rate in almost 10 years in May, according to data that also showed consumer price inflation held at the Bank of England’s 2% target for a second month.

House prices in the U.K. capital, traditionally one of the more crisis-proof assets in the investment universe, are now falling at their fastest rate since 2009, according to new data out at the.

House prices in London have fallen at the fastest rate since the effects of the financial crisis took hold in August 2009, according to new figures released today. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed a 4.4 per cent drop in the year to May, with the average sold price of a home in the capital now standing at 457,471.

A decade on from the financial crisis, price growth stands at 143.4% in the City of London. In June 2009, the average house price in this location stood at 348,751, while in February this year.

House. rate has fallen to 5% and is expected to fall to 3.5% by the end of 2009." Earley said there had been "some astonishing and unpredictable developments in the housing and financial markets".

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London house prices fall at fastest rate since 2009 crisis. House prices in London are falling at their fastest pace in nearly a decade, according to Britain’s biggest mortgage provider. Hit by a wave of changes to the property market, prices in the capital fell by 3.2 per cent between January and March compared with the previous three months.

House prices rose in February at the slowest rate since September 2012 while in. £1,000 higher than a year ago. The fall in London house prices was the largest fall since mid-2009, but the city.