Lack of millennial home ownership results in rejected business loans

The Greatest Generation also saw the rise of the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage after the war, which truly revolutionized home ownership. By 1950, home ownership rates had reached 55%, and continued to climb through the rest of the 20 th century, reaching 66% in 2000. Millennials grew up at the end of this long cycle of positive home ownership trends.

 · First, when incomes are low, the ability to take on any debt-especially a home mortgage-shrinks. So even though interest rates for home loans were at historic lows, Millennials’ ability to purchase such loans had lessened. Second, many Millennials entered the labor market holding high levels of student loan debt.

It is no secret that cars are expensive and can become even more expensive over time with maintenance costs and unexpected accidents. Because of this, auto loans are a popular way to finance cars without breaking the bank. We asked 501 car-owning millennials if they used an auto loan to finance their cars.

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Millennials who need to qualify for home loans without a lot of money upfront may want to look at longer-range loans, says Liu. "A 30-year mortgage loan is easier to afford because the monthly payment will be lower than a shorter term, like a 15-year mortgage," he shares. For John, the FHA mortgage was the best choice.

Millennial home ownership may be out of reach because there is no doubt that Millennials are struggling with debt and it’s a serious issue. We’ve addressed this problem in two previous blogs – Millennials Debt; A Plan for Escape and Gen Y Trapped: Millennials in Debt.For those of you unfamiliar with the term Millennial, the Census Canada definition is kids born between 1977 and 1994.

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 · Lets be real here: The millennials I know work damn hard just to try to survive. It isn’t a work ethic or lack of ambition. It is a system that has stopped working for them, and the system blames the millennials for it. Times are changing, and not for the better. The high paying manufacturing jobs are now in China and Mexico.