Investing? If it sounds too good to be true…

There are few absolutes in the world of investing, but a few Wall Street mantras have repeated for a long time. Here is some of the best and the worst investing advice you’ve probably. 6. If It.

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Sounds Too Good to Be True? It Probably Is. How often have we heard a similar justification used when it comes to reckless investing in the markets?. "While it may sound ‘corny’ to some,

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It is tempting to try to get rich quickly. However, the process of getting rich slowly and steadily via saving and long-term investing in a diversified portfolio is tested and more reliable. Don’t let wishful thinking cloud your better judgment; if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true!

6. If Something Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is This one seems obvious, but it’s really not. In any investment market, people are susceptible to snake oil salesmen selling them on something.

The following is a guest post from Marotta Asset Management. In addition to the all-important fiduciary requirement, you should insist on several other investment safeguards. safeguard #1: Do not allow your financial advisor to have custody of your investments. The second safeguard: Avoid any investment opportunity that sounds too good to be true.

While it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. Here is why. they clearly do not dominate the stock returns. The return on a simple investment in stocks exceeds the return on the Note in most.

But should you invest in them? Ask yourself seven questions. If you’re looking at investing in an IPO, get answers to these questions first. And if it sounds too good. it probably isn’t true..

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If something sounds too good to be true, be skeptical. 4. Stay vigilant. Remember: Some of the brightest minds and most sophisticated investors in the world have fallen for Ponzi schemes. One of the.