How Government Shutdown Brings Both Risk, Opportunities to IT

How Government Shutdown Brings Both Risk, Opportunities to ITHow Government Shutdown Brings Both Risk, Opportunities to IT: The Security Challenges of Moving ERP to the CloudThe Security Challenges of Moving ERP to the Cloud: Forecast 2019: IT Budgets Will Grow in Support of Enterprise.

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So while it remains at best a moderate risk factor – Goldman’s latest estimate puts it at about 1-in-3 chance – the question of what happens if the government does shut down at midnight on Saturday is starting to percolate. Here are some thoughts from Citi. First, threats of a shutdown are more common than actual shutdowns.

Government shutdowns in the united states occur when there is a failure to pass funding legislation to finance the government for its next fiscal year or a temporary funding measure. Ever since a 1980 interpretation of the 1884 Antideficiency Act, a "lapse of appropriation" due to a political impasse on proposed appropriation bills requires that the US federal government curtail agency.

re: Government Shutdown: What Are IT Systems Risks? I am a contractor for a Federal Agency employed as a cyber security incident responder. During this shutdown, I am going without pay, and unlike Civil Service employees, there has been no bill passed by the House to reimburse contractors for their lost wages.

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Contractors should definitely make the most of this opportunity. New ideas for both solutions and acquisition methods are on the table. Improved opportunities for discussion, like industry councils, could either be restarted, or enhanced. Next year’s FAST conference is an example of an opportunity the government contracting industry should.

The U.S. government shutdown is on track to become the longest ever, with President Donald Trump walking out of White House talks with congressional leaders Wednesday as negotiations broke down over funding for a border wall. "I think this is going to drag on a lot longer," acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told Meet the Press.

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