Everything you need to know if you decide to move to the Continent

Great article, even if you’re not moving to another continent! I especially like your tip ‘remind yourself that you’re not attached to the items, but to the memories they evoke’. I have 6 boxes full of stuff/crap that I just couldn’t get rid off before. I think I’m going to change that. Thank you! Like Like

The Best American Cities to Work in Tech in 2019 So for the sixth year in a row, SmartAsset takes a look at the best American cities to work in tech. To find this year’s best cities for tech workers in America, we examined data for 172 cities and compared them across five different metrics: average salary, average cost of living, tech employment concentration, unemployment rate and ratio of.

20 Things to Know Before Moving to Philadelphia. It’s an exciting time to live in Philadelphia. Once mostly known for its cheesesteaks and the place where Rocky climbed those steps, the city is having itself a heyday.

Establish domicile in the new state Once you move, you’ll need to establish legal domicile for tax purposes. If you’re moving to another state permanently and making it your main place of residence, you’ll need to establish legal domicile for tax purposes.

Now that you’ve got all the basics settled, check out the Practicalities section for information about food, taxes, fees, fines and other things you need to know.. Take a look at Meeting People for ideas on building your network of acquaintances in Singapore.

Are you considering moving to Los Angeles? There’s a lot you should know. No, not everyone is in the entertainment industry. Yes, the avocados really are that good. Moving to LA can be a little intimidating if you’re not familiar with the neighborhoods and the culture. Here are 17 tips for.

Officials urge residents to speak out Monday on Bay-Delta plan Bay-Delta Planning and Implementation Efforts. The State Water Board is in the process of developing and implementing updates to the Bay-Delta Plan to protect beneficial uses in the Bay-Delta watershed through two separate efforts. The first effort is focused on San Joaquin River flows and southern delta salinity.

We have some more Tampa pros and cons for you to consider before making your choice. However, if you have already made your decision, skip ahead to our essential moving to Tampa guide packed with everything you need to know and do to make your move stress-free.

 · Everything you could possibly want to know about U.S. territories explained in less than 4,000 words. Fancy a deeper dive into some of fascinating colonial history of the U.S. and how it impacted our current territories, send a copy of How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States it will have you turning pages for hours.

It’s a great way to meet people and you’ll be able to kick the tires’ before you commit to the insanity. Craigslist and many social media group pages cater to just this. Test out a neighborhood before you choose one to see if it’s the one for your lifestyle, or determine if.

Global Bond Rally Drives Treasury Yields to Lowest Since 2017 House prices fall as buyers feel the strain Apple’s Pro products are becoming less and less attainable for the professionals they’re made for An anonymous reader writes: Apple’s new Mac products might have a serious audio glitch for professional users. The company’s newest mac products with its T2 security chip suffer from a software-related bug that leads to issues with audio performance. The issue seemingly affects devices with the T2 chip — that includes the iMac Pro, Mac Mini 2018, MacBook Air 2018, and MacBook Pro 2018.CH 4 Econ. STUDY. PLAY. Demand. the desire to buy something and the ability to pay for it. Law of Demand. people will buy more of a good when its price falls and less when its price rises. buyers feel richer when prices fall. substitution effect. People buy rice after pasta prices rise.treasury yields are at multi-year lows, with the 10-year Treasury yield reaching 2.32%, the lowest level since late 2017. Further pressure could hit global markets, and strong demand for Treasuries could drive yields even lower, but that should not signal a longer-term trend.