Which city has the most vacant homes in the US?

The site found Gary, Indiana, had an extremely high percentage – nearly 20 percent – of vacant homes. hilton head island, South Carolina, and Flint, Michigan, also had a very high vacancy rate.

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More recently (as of late 2011, early 2012 ish), the number of housing units in the US is about 131m. Just under 11% or so are vacant year round, so that number is about 14m. You can also back out that number by looking at the 131m housing units.

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For those concerned if their city is among the top most frequented by this particular, and very unpleasant, breed of "zombies", here are the top 50 cities in the US in which zombie foreclosures represent the highest percentage of all properties in foreclosure. For those readers certainly located among the Top 10, now may be a great time to hit a bid, any bid and get out while the getting is good.

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ATTOM Data Solutions matched its address-level property data for more than 85 million U.S. residential properties – including foreclosure status, owner-occupancy status, and equity – against monthly updated data from the U.S. Postal Service indicating whether a property had been flagged as vacant by the postal carrier.

The Bulk of the Vacancies. The cities with the highest percentage of vacant homes belonging in this category are primarily on the east coast. myrtle beach, South Carolina tops the list with 95% of the vacant properties falling into the investment property category.

High rates of vacancy and hyper-vacancy have traumatic impacts on neighborhoods and cities. vacant homes reduce the value of neighboring properties and of entire neighborhoods, as the graph below.

At the city level, Detroit had the highest vacancy rate, with 53,000 empty houses, nearly one in five. Nationally, close to one of every 63 residential properties that RealtyTrac analyzed are vacant.

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