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air for particulate matter as a norm for indoor air pollution. In India, the average indoor air pollution is 375 ug/m3 and the prime contributor for this is burning of solid fuels, says a study done by Indian Council for Medical Research.(6)

Opinion |The Race Towards Climate Red line: Climate Impacts Overtaking Climate Actions; Baltic Exchange starts tracking shipping emissions; Researchers uncover indoor air pollution hazards; How to protect corals facing climate change; UNESCO set to review status of Lamu as a world heritage site over plans for a coal plant

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Indoor Air Pollution: The Hidden Health Hazard.. researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tracked emissions throughout the United States and found that air pollution from.

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In their study, the research team monitored the indoor pollution levels in a variety of homes, reflecting the typical housing styles and age in the U.S. And, sure enough, as temperatures in the homes rose, so did the levels of formaldehyde. "As a home gets hotter, there is a lot more formaldehyde in the home.

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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) deals with the content of interior air that could affect health and comfort of building occupants.. Researchers Uncover Indoor Pollution Hazards.. Health & Medicine. – News – ‘Researchers uncover indoor pollution hazards’ (WorldNews Environment. Medicine.

Environmental News Air Pollution Plaguing Houston Post-Harvey.. 2017. Much of the public health focus in Houston has been on the hazards posed by flood waters, but the city is also facing a crisis in air quality.. Much of the pollution is the result of refineries shutting down and.

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Abstract: "Moderate effects of pollution on health may exert important influences on work. We exploit exogenous variation in pollution due to the closure of a large refinery in Mexico City to understand how pollution impacts labor supply. The closure led to a 19.7 percent decline in pollution, as measured by SO2, in the surrounding neighborhoods.