“Oreo?”: A Very Hungry Ben Carson Lays Out His Plan to Evict Immigrants From Public Housing

Carson: You’re getting way down in the weeds here. If I got down in the weeds on every issue I wouldn’t get very far. Carson was also asked about a plan to evict undocumented immigrants and their US citizen children from subsidized housing, saying in part "It seems only logical that taxpaying American citizens should be taken care of first.

Taking his title from an apocalyptic text among the Dead Sea Scrolls, Williams hypothesizes a coming race war in the United States, carried out by Black Power revolutionaries employing guerrilla tactics. His analogies, however, are drawn not from Algeria or Kenya or introduction 11 Vietnam, as one might expect, but from the history of Israel.

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Uncle Robb sat quietly for a few minutes, staring out at the pear tree next to his window. I'm not thankful for Ben Carson's presidential run. of their bodies as their own, people are really laying claim to the property of the Gods, from minimum wage to immigration, public schools, privatization and the.

Interest rate rise: Cheap credit became too big a risk If interest rates rise unexpectedly, the value of those assets will fall (bond prices and yields move in opposite directions), exposing banks to substantial losses. Second, low short-term interest rates reduce the profitability of money market funds, which are key providers of short-term credit for many large.

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The Dow Jones industrial average fell 13 points in Thursday trading to close at 16,272. The S&P 500 rose four points to 1,924. The Nasdaq rose seven points to 4,627. The LABJ Stock Index rose one.

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