How South Carolina congressmen rank by wealth

Collectively, the total wealth of the seven richest Democrats in Congress amounts to $1.1 billion. To be fair, however, the richest member of Congress has an R next to his name, Rep. Darrell Issa, whose wealth totals $330,050,015. The other two Republicans, Rep. Dave Trott of Michigan and Rep. Vernon Buchanan, rank at number 5 and 6.

S.C. congressmen’s net worth rank lower than many colleagues | Rock Hill Herald. The combined personal wealth of the entire South Carolina delegation — $21.4 million — is scarcely one-third.

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The state of South Carolina has two senators in the United States Senate and seven representatives in the United States House of Representatives. (About Ads | Hide These Ads) Follow GovTrack on social media for more updates:

This list of members of the united states congress by wealth includes only the fifty richest current members of Congress and displays the difference between assets and liabilities for the member and his or her immediate family, such as a spouse or dependent children.

Methodology: The study analyzed every congressional district in all 50 states, determining the wealthiest congressional districts based on the highest median household income, sourced from the Census Bureau’s 2016 American Community Survey. The mean household income was included in our data for representational purposes.

The net worth of Congress as a whole has more than doubled since 2004. In 2004 the total wealth of all U.S. Senators and Representatives was $3.5 billion. That number had swelled to an estimated $7 billion by 2015.

2013: Lawmakers’ Wealth Grows and Grows. A surprisingly strong year in the financial markets made the richest members of Congress even wealthier in 2012, with the median net worth of the 50 richest rising more than 17 percent, CQ Roll Call’s annual survey of congressional wealth shows.

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The following is a list of African-American Republicans, past and present. This list is limited to black Americans who have worked in a direct, professional capacity in politics. This list is limited to black Americans who have worked in a direct, professional capacity in politics.

Most senators, representatives, and other government officials are paid an annual salary of $174,000, not enough to account for net worth figures in the hundreds of millions for many Congress members.

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