‘He’s making a fortune off the taxpayer’: Candidate bashes GOP rival in governor’s race

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Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has been working desperately to hold off a challenge from presidential rival Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in Wisconsin’s high-stakes primary on Tuesday. And according to a recent poll, Trump may be headed for a double-digit loss that could throw the GOP race into chaos.

In case you haven’t noticed, we also dehumanize our own soldiers, not because of their religion or race, but because of their low social class. Send ’em anywhere. Make ’em do anything. of the 2020.

‘He’s making a fortune off the taxpayer," Travis allen bashes republican rival in California governor’s race April 04, 2018 05:45 AM politics-government

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Leading Off. The Republican nomination might be quite the booby prize, though. In November, Rauner will face fellow billionaire J.B. Pritzker, who similarly spent his way to victory in the Democratic primary, taking 46 versus 26 for state Sen. Daniel Biss and 24 for businessman Chris Kennedy. While Pritzker has his flaws,

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Instead, Moody spoke in more dumbed-down terms of how Mormons are beholden to living prophets, such as Gordon Hinckley, who can tip them off to the Second Coming. "no affiliation" with any other.

This Barack Obama commercial uses the Arizona senator’s own words to make him appear out of touch with the havoc wreaked by the Wall Street meltdown — and therefore is accurate in its portrayal. The.

Yesterday one of his earliest GOP backers in Congress was criminally indicted, and it wasn’t even among Trump’s three biggest criminal scandals of the day.. which we might be tempted to write off as happenstance if not for the fact that the first GOP Congressman to endorse Trump just got.

Bluestem had grown concerned that the race for the Republican endorsement in Minnesota’s First Congressional District would lose its characteristic nutball charm, but the presence of 2010 candidate Jim "Mr. Conservative" Hagedorn at the Mower County Lincoln-Reagan Picnic on Wednesday night means the district’s oddball drought has broken.

‘He’s making a fortune off the taxpayer’: Candidate bashes GOP rival in governor’s race. HIGHER ED FUNDING: Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and state senate president pro tem Toni Atkins lead a rally at the Capitol today urging Gov. Jerry Brown to boost state funding for the California State University system.