`go build -mod vendor` fails to make use of vendored packages

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Using trash to manage ./vendor. vendor.json using Govendor tool. Govendor is a tool that is used to import 3rd party packages into your code repository in a way that is compatible with golang’s vendoring. This instructs govendor to add all of the external packages into your current repository.

Building this package is not possible because promql uses a vendored package and thus I’ve got this error I think the better solution would be move out promql into a separate repo and then vendor it. That way everyone can make use of it. I’m not sure though what the better solution would be, as.

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That said, I don’t use go mod -vendor and likely never will. But I do maintain an append-only cache of the modules that my CI then uses Instead your build will use stale cache entries. The C code needs to be moved up to the package directory to make it build.

`go build -mod vendor` fails to make use of vendored packages. Jun 26, 2019 GO111MODULE=on go build -mod=vendor main.go can not support dependent package’s with multiple version. jomenxiao changed the title support dependent package’s with multiple version when.

Built-in functions can be used without importing any packages. To make a package compatitable with the module feature, its corresponding go.mod must specify the import path of the innermost folder For example, the following example fails to compile.

init_test.go:97: bad: Error: Failed to copy root module. FAIL github.com/hashicorp/terraform/registry [build failed]. make: *** [dev] Error 1. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy.

`go build -mod vendor` fails to make use of vendored packages Lance Brown Contents Georgia (toll brothers apartment living) Business programs (arizona Orlando regional realtor association Support dependent package’ 3 Things to Know.